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Basketball Coaching Article Archives 2

7 September 2006 to 29 December 2006

29 December 2006

How to Turn a Weave into a Free-lance Offense

Whenever a pass is made into the pivot. this signals a split-the-post play. To keep the defense honest and prevent the weak-side defenders from collapsing to stop the scissors play, two-man plays can be executed on that side... More>>>>

16 December 2006

"Maravich" Book Review

Marshall Terrill, teaming with Wayne Federman and Jackie Maravich pictures us a story of an unwavering young man wanting to please his father. "Maravich" is a book that excites and touches the heart. ...More>>>>

12 December 2006

How to Coach a Continuous Box Weave Basketball Offense

Some day every coach will not have players he can depend upon scoring from the pivot position. If you find yourself in this position, but have a good pair of high scoring guards with equal support from a couple of forwards, this may be a good offense to use. ....More>>>>

9 December 2006

Tips on Playing Basketball - Advanced Lay-Ups
By Rick Torbett, Lead instructor at

The fundamental way to shoot a lay-up on the right side is to use the right hand and jump off the left foot. One the left side, the fundamental way is to use the left hand and jump off the right foot. These are fundamental from a mechanical standpoint, as it allows you to extend as high as possible. In addition, they’re fundamental from a basketball standpoint; because assuming the defender is on the inside, you’re keeping your body between the defender and the ball. More>>>>

7 December 2006

Basketball Offense against a Pressing Defense

Today, we see more and more types of pressing defenses, including full-court, three-quarter-court, and half-court. These can be either man-to-man, zone, or a combination thereof. As a coach, you must prepare your team to attack such defenses. If you don't, your team is in trouble. The following diagrams explain a definite set of principles to help you combat the press. Most pressing defenses want to... More>>>>

29 November 2006

Basketball Game Psychology and Strategy

Don't over-coach. "A little learned well is better than a lot done poorly" is a good truism to follow. Most teams perform better a little under-coached than over-coached. The desire to play must be retained in order to have that natural gusto so noticeable in most younger athletes. It is also good psychology for the coach to have physical and mental behavior at all times. This calmness breeds player confidence. "Acting" by the coach weakens his judgment and causes players to lose confidence....More>>>>

19 November 2006

How to coach the basketball man-to-man pressure defenses

This defense can be used full court, three-quarter court, or half court. Players usually master this press faster than they will a zone press. Preseason practice drills and stressing of fundamentals are extremely important. It should be practiced one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three and full team picking up at full court...More>>>>

12 November 2006

Teaching the one-handed driving lay-up basketball shot

The one-hand driving lay-up shot is most important shot in fast break basketball; therefore, it is the most fundamental part of shooting because most scoring of the fast break comes from this shot. More>>>>

7 November 2006

Simple drills that teach basketball players to read their defender

This is a good drill for teaching the offensive fundamentals of reading your defender. The position the defender takes dictates which one of three counter moves to use: The Curl, Flare, and Pocket cuts. ....More>>>>

29 October 2006

How to install an Indiana high school type basketball offense

There are many types of offense used successfully throughout America. To say that one is better than another would be a false statement; however, history tells us that Indiana high school basketball players in the 30's and 40's were highly recruited by colleges throughout the nation. The system of coaching you use depends upon your material; however, here is the Indiana style. ...More>>>>

20 October 2006

Steps in developing Hoosier style basketball offense

Today, most young coaches attend coaching clinics, sitting through lectures, and demonstration of fundamentals. Most, I observe, patiently await famed coaches to wade into a discussion of his plays and team offense. Some seem to think, "the play is the thing." This is a terrible mistake....More>>>>

13 October 2006

How to coach and teach proper footwork in basketball

Teaching proper footwork should be an important part of every basketball program. Using proper footwork makes the average player better and a great assist to team play. It is a bigger compliment to a player to say he is hard to defend, than say he is a great shooter. Mastery of this fundamental helps players to free themselves without assistance from a teammate. Basketball coaches used to use this as an important measuring stick in evaluating players......More>>>>

03 October 2006

How to teach ball handling - passing and receiving

Do you understand the difference between ball-handling and passing abilities? Good ball-handling teams, including passing, are hard to beat; therefore, no coach should ever slight this aspect of the game. Use specific drills to emph.......More>>>>

25 September 2006

Drills for Improving Offensive Skills of Basketball Players

Body balance is the first physical ability we need to teach young basketball players. All successful individual maneuvers are easier and more effective when made with good body balance. Good balance calls for weight to be equ....More>>>>

18 September 2006

The importance of teaching basketball fundamentals

Before bigger things can be attempted, successful coaches must stress and practice the fundamentals of basketball. This groundwork lays the foundation for success. It is essential that the coach synchronize his fundamental teachings with his chosen system of play. Unless there is a progression of the funda....More>>>>

14 September 2006

Basketball coaching methods

Years ago, you could get a coaching job simply because of your ability to excel in a particular sport. Since those olden days, the basketball coaching professions has made great strides, and now demands more than athletic reputation. True, that qualification is an asset, but isn't enough. More>>>>

07 September 2006

Planning a basketball practice schedule for the late-season

Every great coach has a plan leading up to tournament play. This is the most important phase of coaching...More>>>>

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