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Basketball Coaching Articles Archives 3

22 May 2006 to 30 August 2006

30 August 2006

How to attack zone defenses

In preparing to attack zone defenses, there are several fundamentals that must be taught players if they are to be successful in a consistent manner. These areas of instruction incl.... More>>>>

27 August 2006

Out-of-bounds basketball plays diagramed

The scoring possibilities are great for out-of-bounds plays, particularly under the basket and near sidelines. A quick and sudden score from such a basketball play shakes the opponent's confide......More>>>>

11 August 2006

Our visitors write

If you write with a legitimate basketball query or comment concerning the website we reply and post it for all to what our visitors write.

07 August 2006

How to prepare an early season basketball plan (Example).

This period of time covers the days between the first day your state association allows basketball practice to start and your first scheduled game of the season. After the outdoor pre-season work as described in the previous article, your players will be eager to get started. Such eagerness is necessary to a winning team and should be nurtured and cultivated. You will need this at the tail-end of the season. More>>>>

26 July 2006

Planning the pre-season basketball plan

If you expect to succeed as a basketball coach, you must learn to plan each phase of the basketball year. For purposes of this study the season is divided into three parts.

  1. Pre-season practice - the period from the opening of the school year until the first day formal practice is permitted State Basketball Associations .............. Read this article>>>>>

  2. Early season practice - the period from the first day of permissible practice and first officially scheduled game. Look at this example>>>>>

  3. Late season practice - the period from the first scheduled game to the last scheduled game prior to tournament play. Look at this example>>>>

19 July 2006

Some thoughts about planning basketball practice sessions

How long should a practice session last? This is a question every basketball coach must answer. Your answer will directly effect failure or success of the coming season. Other than your ability to lead, no other stage of basketball coaching is as important as well planned and.............More>>

26 June 2006

How to coach and teach the old Indiana weave basketball half-court offense

Using three of the 8 basic basketball basketball plays, the old Indiana weave is more popular today than it was in 1938. It consists of play #4 (pick opposite), play #5 (scissors cut), followed by play #3 (pick-and-roll). More>>>

22 June 2006

How to coach and teach half-court patterned offenses using the eight fundamental plays of basketball

Using two of the 8 fundamental plays as outlined earlier, here is a description of the old-time wheel offense. This pattern consists of two of the eight plays, play #5 (scissor-cut), followed by play #4 (pick-opposite). If a high percentage shot does not present itself, play #5 is repeated on the other side of the floor. If this pattern is appropriate for your talent, read how to teach or drill the scissor-cut and pick-opposite plays. More>>>

19 June 2006

Basketball Offensive Terminology

Over the years, as shooting, passing, and dribbling have become more sophisticated, offensive alignments have changed. They probably will continue changing in the future. Rule changes often dictate this. For example, take the three-point shot. This is changing the philosophy of a lot of coaches. Previous to the three-point shot, big men were dominating the game. Teams constantly looked for ONLY a close-in shot. As a result, most defenses packed back in tight. ....More>>>

15 June 2006

How to coach, teach, and play individual basketball defensive play

Nobody knows why; but, efforts to strengthen defensive skills seem to go into hibernation every summer. Players think it a necessary evil ... you pass through ...on your way to a score. I hope you don't feel this way. Use some of the summer league or playground pick-up games to work on these skills....More>>>

10 June 2006

How to coach, teach, and attack zone defenses with a motion offense. In preparing to attack zone defenses, there are several fundamentals that must be taught players if they are to be successful in a consistent manner...More>>>

19 May 2006

How to coach and teach Jack Hartman's T-Game basketball offense

Coach Jack Hartman played and coached under famed Henry Iba at Oklahoma State. After leading the Coffeeville (Kansas) Junior College basketball team to the NJCAA National Championship with a 32-0 season in 1962. he brought this offense to the University of Southern Illinois the following year. In 1967, Hartman using an attack similar to this, won the NIT Championship. This is an all-purpose offense which can be used against both man-to-man and zone defenses. In addition this type single-post attack has several other advantages: MORE>>>

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Learn from an NBA legend...
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